The Wine Librarians Association

Dedicated to making wine information accessible and to preserving the history of wine

About the WLA

What We Profess

The Wine Librarians Association formed with these stated goals:
• to promote greater understanding among librarians managing collections on subjects related to wine making and grape growing,
• to identify and make known the strengths of our respective collections,
• to coordinate collection building and share resources,
• to distribute duplicates of materials and materials no longer needed by one but sought by another,
• to identify vital resources in the history of wine and insure that they are preserved and made available to all who need them,
• to identify subject areas within enology and viticulture and related subject areas where collections need to be built or augmented,
• to expedite the rapid response to our users’ needs by fostering direct contact among us when circumstances require it,
• to publish or reprint such works dealing with wine, its history or bibliography that deserve publication,
• to help each other do our jobs better through cooperation, improved communication, referral, knowledge and respect of each other’s collections and institutions
• all these to ultimately better serve our various users, publics, clients and institutions.

What We Have Done

IN AUGUST OF 1997 a few librarians with responsibility for wine book collections, as well as other professionals interested in the history of wine and its research, met at the University of California, Davis, and loosely organized themselves into the California Wine Librarians. Since then, after several productive and highly enjoyable meetings, the group has steadily grown in size and scope. In October 2000, at our meeting held at the Napa Valley Wine Library, the group voted to incorporate itself as the Wine Librarians Association (a non-profit organization) and open membership to anyone interested in joining, worldwide. Meetings (generally once or twice a year) have been held since. Anyone with an interest in wine books, the history of winemaking or viticulture, research on wine-related issues, or the professional issues that surround stewardship of a wine research collection, is encouraged to join.

 In 2003, we published The Brady Book with help from a generous donation from Darrell Corti. With the proceeds, we are considering several proposals to preserve, disseminate, and make accessible some important works in the history of wine. With our meeting at Cornell in September 2008, and our push to entice members from France, Germany, South Africa, Australia and other countries, we are growing beyond a local California conclave, and hope to become truly international.


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