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WLA – Annual Meeting – 3/2005

Minutes of the Annual Meeting 20 MAY 2005
Napa Valley Wine Library,  St. Helena, California

Hosts: Our hosts for this multi-event day were Larry Hlavsa, Director of the St. Helena Public Library and the Napa Valley Wine Library, and Julie Dickson, President of the Napa Valley Wine Library Associates.

Convened: President Bo Simons called the business meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. in the meeting room of the St Helena Public Library.  He extended special thanks to Larry and Julie for arranging and hosting our meeting and the day’s accompanying events.

In Attendance:

MEMBERS: Bo Simons (Sonoma County Wine Library), Gail Unzelman (collector/publisher: Wayward Tendrils Quarterly / Nomis Press), Nina Wemyss (wine historian/ Napa Valley Reserve Library), Tom Pinney (wine historian/private collector), Danette Cook Adamson (Special Collections, Cal State Poly University, Pomona), Chris Wirth (Research Manager, Wine Institute), Robert Zerkowitz (Wine Institute Library), Callie Konno (Sonoma County Wine Library), Karen Holmes (Sonoma County Wine Library), Rick Robison (Reference Coordinator, Sonoma State University Library), Larry Hlavsa (Director, St. Helena Public Library, including Napa Valley Wine Library), Clayla Davis (Retired Director, St. Helena Public Library, including Napa Valley Wine Library), Julie Dickson (President, Napa Valley Wine Library Association).

GUESTS: Mike Neely (President, Wine Library Associates of Sonoma County), Wayne Lindahl (Past-President, Wine Library Associates of Sonoma County), and Carmen Killcullen (Past-President, Wine Library Associates of Sonoma County).

Financial Report:
Treasurer Callie Konno reported the bank balance, as of May 1, 2005: $14,438.95.   A recap of the 2004 financial activities showed: $17,431.13 revenues; $6,626.53 expenses; with a balance of $14,239.10 at year-end.  2005: Revenues from book sales: $3,815.31; expenses: $1,803.10 (printing Viticultural District histories, sales tax, freight).  Balance: $14,438.95.

Membership Report:
Gail Unzelman, Membership Chairman, reported a membership roster of 47.  Membership renewals ($20 / year) will go out shortly, along with a current Membership Roster.

Book Sales: Gail Unzelman reported.  The Brady Book (as of May 2005): Of the 250 copies printed,  209 copies sold, 21 “gratis” copies, 20 copies available.    Gail also reported that we have been approached by a book agent who specializes in “food & wine” books, to consider a “commercial” edition.  The matter is pending in the agent’s hands, while she looks for a publisher.  Even if the matter goes no further, we should consider this a fine compliment to our book.  The 7-volume California Viticultural District History series has sold well: 20 sets have been sold at $135 per set.  This revenue basically covers the cost of printing.

Individual Member / Guest Reports:

SONOMA COUNTY WINE LIBRARY.  In response to a query from Julie Dickson, Bo Simons enumerated the four collection development areas of the Sonoma County Wine library.
1)    science & technology of wine making & grape growing;
2)    economics & marketing of wine & grapes;
3)    history of wine worldwide
4)    history of wine in Sonoma County.
The library has been active in outreach to the Spanish speaking.  For the past several years they have put on Spanish language viticulture workshops, with Daniel Robledo of the Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC).  During this time they became aware of others putting on similar workshops.  Together with the Sonoma County Grape Growers Association (SCGGA), the SRJC, the Farm Bureau and other organizations we formed a Spanish Language Agricultural Education Alliance.  With the SCGGA acting as lead agency they applied for and received a CF3 California Food Fibers Futures (Kellogg Foundation) Grant to coordinate Spanish language agricultural education in the county., a data base of wine information, continues to be expanded on a regular basis.  Wine writer Bob Thompson has donated his files (some 15 boxes) to the SCWL.
Karen Holmes reported she enters some 150-200 new entries each month to, including materials from Bob Thompson’s files.
SONOMA COUNTY WINE LIBRARY ASSOCIATES.  Mike Neely and Wayne Lindahl reviewed the Association’s projects.  The Association’s annual fund-raiser, “Sonoma Odyssey,” will be held June 18 to benefit Farm Worker Housing and the library.  Christy Campbell, author of the new book on phylloxera, The Botanist and the Vintner, will speak at the library on June 25.
WINE INSTITUTE.  Robert Zerkowitz was pleased to announce that he is now able to work on W.I. library projects four days a week.  He has available some 200 California wine images, and is working on cataloguing (on the computer) the 2800-volume wine library.  It will be an “in-house” catalogue only.  The library welcomes all wine industry related researchers and all WLA members to use the W.I. archives.
Chris Wirth described his W.I. activities.  He is actively involved in the “Health / Nutrition” aspects of wine research, and announced a W.I. grant of $10,000 to further the work of Francois Booyse (University of Alabama, at Birmingham), America’s preeminent basic-science wine & health researcher.  Direct Shipping of Wine, Under-Age Drinking, Sustainable Wine Growing were also mentioned as important, timely projects.
SONOMA STATE UNIVERSITY.  Rick Robison, new to our WLA, expressed his appreciation.  He reported the university’s wine interest: Wine Business Education, a program with history students working with local immigrants, and a copyright training seminar.
CAL STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY, POMONA.  Danette Cook Adamson reminded all of the major construction project (3 – 4 years) going on at the campus library center—in the turmoil, much time is spent just trying to decide what books go where.  She continues to actively pursue materials relevant to the history of Southern California’s wine industry.  She announced that Tom Pinney’s wine library has been donated to Cal Poly Pomona.
THOMAS PINNEY.  Tom Pinney brought a copy of his soon-to-be-released History of Wine in America—From Prohibition to the Present, the second volume of his two-volume history (published by U.C. Press).  A brief discussion re illustrations and copyright followed; it was decided the issue of copyright, particularly regarding images in library collections, would be a very valuable program for a future meeting.
NAPA VALLEY WINE LIBRARY.  Larry Hlasva reported that a collection plan for the wine library has been developed, and a necessary “weeding” of the collection has been done (the duplicates being sent to Napa College). For the past two years there has been no assigned staff for the Wine Library, but the Association has provided funds for an archivist.  In 2002 the library acquired wine historian William Heintz’ research archives (including 193 Oral History cassettes, 105 Winery History reports, countless research documents / index cards).  The Winery History reports have been bound and are available through inter-library loan; the Oral History tapes have been inventoried and are being transferred to CDs and transcribed; the catalogue / index cards are housed in the California Room for the use of patrons.  The Burt Wuttken Wine Label Collection is now housed on the second floor of the library building.  Upcoming projects include: scan and preserve 25 years of the Napa Valley Wine Library Report.   Danette wondered if William Heintz’ catalogue card information might be something to add to, or other data base.

New Business:
President Bo Simons announced that Larry Hlasva, has agreed to consider becoming president of the WLA sometime in the future when his tenure on the North Bay Cooperative Library Association board is complete, possibly in 2006.
Future WLA Projects:
PACIFIC WINE & SPIRIT REVIEW: Callie Konno reported on the progress of digitizing the PW&SR. She has a listing of the holdings; the next step is to verify these holdings, and determine their format.  She said the San Francisco Public Library (who has the major holding of original copies) expressed a willingness to cooperate and help us with this project.
Next Meeting
No date or host was set for our next meeting, but a general discussion of program ideas showed an interest in having a panel discussion or a speaker on the subject of copyright.  It was agreed that for future get-togethers we should schedule at least two hours for our “business meeting” to adequately address the agenda.

Adjournment & Post-Meeting Activities:
The meeting was adjourned at 11 a.m.  A brief tour of the Napa Valley Wine Library was given by Larry before we embarked on our full & delicious  afternoon schedule of activities:
•    Tour of historic Spottswoode Gardens and Winery.
•    Lunch on the patio of Julie Dickson’s home.
•    Tasting and tour at Trefethen Vineyards.
•    Copia – Guided tour by Peter Marks, MW.

Respectfully submitted,
Gail Unzelman, Secretary


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